Wolf and PHOENE snowblind

Wolf, frd, PHOENE // Snowblind

I’ve spent several happy lunchtimes this week legging it about in the snow, evading matchstick ghouls and collecting rainbow-flavoured orbs, all to the tune of wobbly violas. Wtf am I talking about? Well, our song (or game?) of the week, of course. ‘Snowblind’ is a collaboration between Glaswegian sonic and visual artists Wolf, frd and PHOENE. A frosty, primitive affair, the game’s roaming snowscape is weirdly compelling, and the soundtrack – Wolf’s dark ambience offset by PHOENE’s euphoric crunch – ensures full immersion in the drift.

We love new, innovative ways of releasing music. So click HERE to step out into the cold yourself, and support the artists. You may be some time…

Wolf and PHOENE snowblind shot

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