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The Nag’s Head // Jumbo Mixed Grill

Live From Concrete Island is the debut album from Brighton based producer The Nag’s Head, aka Stephen Maskell. Taking material from the last four years, he has created a head-spinning tapestry of melodic techno and crushed cityscapes. Like Echospace, Maskell nails the feeling of being “a stranger in a strange land”. For the city’s lolloping, dubby percussion we reach deep into its guts, pulling out pistons, jets of steam, pool balls, window frames. In turns rasping and narcotic, Concrete Island’s beatless sections are akin to the crunching menace of early Clark, or Murcof‘s cosmic space treatments. “Jumbo Mixed Grill” evolves from one of these “destroyed” visions to a squiggly bricolage of burst pipes and shimmer guitar.

Download the whole thing here, and stay tuned for an exclusive concept mixtape from The Nag’s Head coming soon. (Edit – physical release of Concrete Island coming to Kit soon!)

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