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Swim Platførm // SURFACES [KR10]

We’re very proud to present KR10, the debut EP from Romeo Poirier, aka Swim Platførm. SURFACES explores the French composer and sound artist’s obsession with water in all its states. Sleek and meditative, Poirier’s electroacoustic collages reveal minutely textured crunches, splooshes and echo-clicks that fuse together to chart aquatic space – undulating between coastlines of chic seaside resorts and the distant, unknown depths.

‘In this space between darkness and light we float suspended, delivered into the infinity of our abyssal field of vision’, babbles Romeo, before shooting off down the slide at his local campsite for the Nth time.

Romeo’s been taking loads of pictures of bums with his dad’s camera at Belgian swimming pools and on the beach. Now you can own these bums – or as Romeo refers to them, ‘surfaces’ – in the form of four analogue photographs, printed onto handy cartes postales. Each set comes with a Kit Recs sticker pack and two download codes of the EP – one for you, one for a friend or someone you want to really impress. Worldwide postage a mere 50p!

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‘Intoxicating … Poirier’s palette is vast: a swell of strings and electronics plunging fathoms deep amongst the clicks and whirrs of creatures unknown’ – No Fear of Pop

‘Wat er ook van zij, muzikaal gezien fascineert de man ons met zijn gelaagd minimalisme’ – Indie Style

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