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Teleman // Cristina

Pete and the Pirates were a good band, if sometimes frustratingly unthreatening. I did used to wonder at what point their demise would come – having learnt about internal band dynamics from my own travails, I know that a six-piece in which some members are more amibitious than others┬ácan’t last forever.

I really liked Tap Tap, which was PATP lead singer Tommy’s side project. It felt less forcibly jovial; more truthful. Still, songs were very much the same vein as PATP, and it was clear that this man was the driving force behind the charming tunefulness of the ‘Pirates.

So it’s been good to hear the first offering from Teleman, Tommy and co’s latest musical endeavour.

With a purported emphasis on keeping things simple and allowing space within the music, I like this new, more mature sound. They’re right, too: you can’t operate a tour de force, clashing, crashing and clattering your way into people’s hearts (in an indie sort of way) forever. They, and you, will get tired.

Better to strip things back and start enjoying yourself again, which for this creative lot, risen from the ashes of a burnt out Pirate ship, must be a breath of fresh air.

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