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Soccer96 // Constellation

A muscular, heartfelt mix from Brighton’s Soccer96 here, with our first proper intro ever! Honoured to have this – a cross section of the Brighton/London analogue jazz electro axis, affectionately concocted, doused in rocket fuel and shot into space. This does not let up! We seriously can’t wait to welcome Soccer96 to Catch Bar this Thursday. Come down and see them for free, with some amazing support too. Words from the boys below…

Hello Skinny – Love Outro
The Gaslamp Killer – Keep It Simple Stupid
Super Best Friends Club – OneTwoThreeFourFiveSixSeven
DA-10 – Redshift
K-15 – RunThruRenaissance
Soccer96 – Constellation
Fennesz – Château Rouge / Alan Watts
Soccer96 – Step Overs
Hothead Show – Bang Fish
Lower Dens – Brains
Soccer96 – Up and Down
Capitol K – City
Led Zeppelin – Organ Intro
The Comet is Coming – Slamming
Terence McKenna – Novelty
DA-10 – Out of Reach of Earth
Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats – I’ll Cut You Down
Flying Lotus – Nightcaller
Sons of Kemet – Going Home
Soccer96 feat. Shabaka Hutchins – The Swamp

Space Circle

“We called this mixtape Constellation Mix because, like joining imaginary lines together between the stars above us, this mix creates a sort of constellation out of the acts we (Danalogue and Betamax) play in, and also the groups of our friends, as well as perhaps a glimpse at the distant but not so far away nebulae of a couple of artists that inspire us.

Betamax, who drums in Soccer96, also appears in Super Best Friends Club, known for their incendiary, sweaty, neo-spiritual and shamanic performances around London, and Hothead Show who are leading the Avant-Bang genre and are Primus’ support band of choice. Danalogue also appears with his analogue synths in a different guise alongside vinyl-sampling MPC-drumming guru 10-David in their collab DA-10, recently championed by DJ Shadow.

As Soccer96, we have played gigs, eaten falafel, and recorded new material over the past year or so in the Total Refreshment Centre, an amazing throbbing heartland of recorded and performed music in Dalston. It was in the all-analogue recording studio tangled in 1/2 inch tape we met Capitol K who runs engineering there and owns a spectacular array of outboard gear and synthesisers. We have included some of his outrageously creative tracks from his past (he’s been releasing records since 1998) and his present.

We have also forged strong ties with Tenor Sax and Clarinet player Shabaka Hutchings of late, joining forces with this prolific talent in a new trio called The Comet is Coming. Our material will be premiered at this month’s Jazz Festival, while is in the oven for release next year. An exclusive demo is dropped into this mix. Shabaka’s other group Sons of Kemet features two drummers: Tom Skinner of Hello Skinny AND Seb Rochford from Polar Bear, as well as pioneering tuba player Oren Marshall. Their MOBO award winning album Burn is well worth an investigation.

Danalogue is a mega fan of Lower Dens and has to put in “Brains”, their sick single from last year, into any mix it seems. We tripped hard on mushrooms to Gaslamp Killer and now refer back to it often as a shamanic masterpiece. FlyLo is the king of the world and along with our mates Uncle Acid who tour with Black Sabbath this year, certainly don’t need exposure, but we love them too much!!

In a time with so many distractions and our minds locking together with the nano-second technology that takes us into the new phase of evolution and eventually leaving earth, it has become a ritualistic necessity for us to listen to great thinkers who blow open the mind’s perspective back to universal infinity macrocosm – so this is where Alan Watts and Terence Mckenna come in. If you aren’t familiar with these gifted narrators and potent spirits, youtube is overflowing!

Thanks for listening, and thanks to Kit Records for asking us to put this together.

Peace and Love,


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