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Roméo Poirier // Plage Arrière [KR22]

French photographer, musician and lifeguard Roméo Poirier (formerly known as Swim Platførm) appears for his debut album, Plage Arrière, a deep sea meditation on a constellation of Greek beaches across three islands. Trumpets, echo-clicks and Harold Budd-esque shimmer piano whirl together on these seductive ‘scapes – which recall the sub-aqeaous ambitions of Jürgen Müller or Sebastian Palomar.

Atsipades is a keepsake from the song’s namesake beach, on western Crete. Roméo writes, ‘on the back of a boat, leaving an island. We can see a pool, but that is empty and covered by a net. People looking into distance. A man walks across the platform, hand moving towards his mouth. Maybe he is drinking a café frappé. During his time on the island he was drinking it every day. Now, on the journey back home, that café frappé represents a souvenir of the beach. In it there is water (sea), coffee (sand) and ice cubes (rocks).’

Plage Arrière will be out soon on Kit, in the form of a limited tape, with risograph printed artwork by Roméo. You can pre-order a copy HERE.

Plage Arriere tapes 1000

Plage Arriere inlay detail 1000

Plage Arriere tape

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