Rhodri Karim - Object of Unknown Provenance

R. Karim // Object of Unknown Provenance

Object of Unknown Provenance is a selection of music written by R. Karim for film, theatre and his own enjoyment. His view is panoramic yet hyper-detailed: taking in elated cloudways and microscopically fractal terrain. Born digitally, but crackling with a weird sentience. Cold and warm. Tender vocals buried beneath painfully EQ’d, hiccupping breaks. VSTs self-chain, chatter and threaten to rip themselves apart like a centrifuge. Soundtrack to the Neuromancer film that never was.

Rhodri is a good friend, and participant / supporter of Kit from the beginning. Under the guise of Uther Moads, he supplied one of our very first Kit mixes (it still sounds awesome), and performed at our second club night. It felt special, then, to go through the man’s extensive back catalogue and choose eight songs for this release. Selection and sequencing, as well as designing the tape inlay, was a very collaborative process. Flawless risograph printing was undertaken by the great Hato Press.

OOUP is being released concurrently with our first NTS sessions tape, Radio 14. Both cassettes should be ready to ship around Feb 6 – you can pre-order here, and check out Rhodri’s insane video for ‘Bupp’ below…

OOUP sleeves

Rhodri Karim - Object of Unknown Provenance

OOUP tapes chair

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