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Purson // Leaning On A Bear

Do my eyes deceive me? Is that a wide brimmed felt hat? A smear of gold glitter around the eye? An ill-fitted velvet legging? Yep, it appears that the ever-trundling inspiration wagon has thrown us a curveball: we’ve somehow landed back in 1973. A time of prog rock. Prog rock! There sounds the death-clang of monochrome death-minimal that haunted all major towns, 2010-present. RIP. If you don’t believe me, check out how many new bands are namedropping Fleetwood Mac.

Purson’s personell include Rosalie, former member of Ipso Facto, a short lived but strongly styled monochrome new wave goth girl band (not to be confused with monochrome death-minimal). She is joined by four hairy glam dudes who look like they bedeck themselves in mink just to nip out for some Space Raiders. Babe Ruth fans, get your false teeth back out of that glass of whisky and take note.

“Leaning on a Bear” is all heavy guitars and a low, guttural female growl/howl sound. It’s maximalist and unapologetic. Having clocked up a few shows, a visit to 6 Music to play live, and some evangelical gig responses, it looks like this band could outlive the projects that paved the way for it. They’ve certainly invested in a lot of paisley, and it would be shame for that to go to waste.

Purson’s debut LP, The Circle & The Blue Door, is out now on Rise Above.

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