PRAH all dayer

PRAH Studios, in Margate – with its gallery and event space, recording studio and sunny yard – opened its doors to the public for the first time on Aug 5. In conjunction with Margate Festival, the PRAH all dayer showcased a full eight hours of music, spoken word, visual art… and a BBQ. We were proud to have curated the lineup. Check it out.


Karen Gwyer
US-born producer Karen Gwyer conjures all-enveloping swathes of electronic sound. Her forthcoming LP ‘Rembo’ captures the energy of her improvised, undulating and unpredictable live shows, smudging the physical and emotional edges of what people have come to expect from club music.

Joshua Idehen
Joshua Idehen is a Poet, workshop facilitator, musician and founder of renowned poetry/music magazine Poejazzi. As a poet, he has performed at most major festivals, appeared in anthologies alongside Linton Kwesi Johnson. With Poejazzi, he performed shows at Royal Albert Hall, Southbank and London Jazz Festival.

Lung Dart
London duo Lung Dart utilise a plethora of instruments and choral vocals to enact woozy visions of pop music – sedate and pulled and stretched every which way, impressionist paintings for the ears.

Laura Groves
Yorkshire-born multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Laura Groves beguiles with softness of voice and fractal, spiralling songwriting. As Boomkat put it, Laura’s is simply transcendent soul music that floats in lavish, dreamy jazz space.

Object Agency
Scots-born producer Object Agency beams over what sounds like hold music for various off-moon corporations – viola-driven noise and cryogenic synths looping and colliding like atoms in high-fidelity.

Jamie Lee
Money frontman Jamie Lee’s poems – funny, revolting, uplifting, sad – shock and comfort with an uncompromising candour.

Auclair’s strain of cosmic song eschews pop formula as we know it, lilting and meandering in four dimensions. Her excellent ‘Semaphore’ EP, released via Kit Records in 2014, was described by Q Magazine as ‘a delirious reconnaissance mission into the deeper spaces of synth pop music.’

Robert Stillman
Maine-born musician and curator Robert Stillman uses woodwind and tape machines to explore sonic geographies seemingly outside our prosaic senses of time, place and memory.

Gentle Stranger
Mysterious London outfit Gentle Stranger promise kaleidoscopic sonics by way of guitars, voice, sax and autoharp.

Visuals by Joe Rogers and Leon Hatcher. Poster by Sam Bristow-Bell.

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