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Plinth // Wintersongs

We are very grateful and excited for being given the opportunity to reissue Plinth‘s marvelous, haunting, pastoral debut album, Wintersongs. You can now preorder it HERE. Below are the liner notes from the Rusted Rail edition of Wintersongs, interspersed by art from Sarah‘s beautiful “Gypsies” linocut series. Expect more hand-printed art for this reissue.

gypsy camp

“Glockenspiel, trumpet, clarinet, guitar, clocks, fireplace, ring modulator, birds, teapot, train, voices, piano, garden, sleigh bells, cymbals, melodica. Played by Michael Tanner and Steven Dacosta, with Nicholas Palmer (piano), Julian Poidevin (melodica). Released as cassette ep in 1999 and CDr in 2002/6.

gypsy house

Wintersongs has been around now in one form or another since 1998. the idea came about after a chance re-reading of Lucy Boston’s yuletide classic ‘Children of Green Knowe’ – Steven and myself set out to soundtrack the book, but only made it as far as ‘Anniversary Waltz’, before deciding to embrace the winter theme as a whole.

gypsy arrival

We had only a very rudimentary knowledge of instruments, the evidence of which can be heard on the first skeletal recordings. this inexperience forced us on a different path to add meat to the bones… the instruments were downed and we focused more on sound manipulation, particularly those that were metallic or sonorous… before long the callouses on our fingers had eased and we were at home among flashing lights.

gypsy field

These were our first attempts at making a record. And although I say it through squinted eyes, the naivety which used to make me run for cover is now kind of endearing.

Released initially as a handmade cassette in 1999, two sold out CDrs on Dorset Paeans in 2001 and an expanded CDr on Rusted Rail in 2006 (also sold out).”

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