Kit Records piano Music Arts Club poster web

Piano Music

We’re excited to present a special concert of piano music at the Margate Arts Club. You can book tickets HERE.

Kit Records piano Music Arts Club poster web

Electronic musician, inventor and teacher Leafcutter John explores microcosms of sound through instruments of his own making. At Piano Music, John will be using his own instrument, a light sensitive photo grid, to control sounds produced by a piano, to make new music. He will be joined by Kit Records founder Richard Greenan, aka Devon Loch.

Specialising in performance art and sound installation, Claire Orme employs her skills as a pianist and violin player to investigate the narrative contours of spaces and objects. Claire will be performing a new piece of her own work for Piano Music.

Cat Hornig trained in piano performance at Dartington, focussing on modern compositions and Polish works. Cat will be performing a piece by Galina Ustvolskaya, and will also be joined by the singer Iain James Purves.

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