Paco Sala // Freeside for 3Jane

When they’re not wowing the likes of Fact Mag, Paco Sala enjoy befogging caves with a dry ice of crushed sci-fi slo-jams and transcendent vox (you may have been lucky enough to witness this at Kit Club 2). Antony claims this set is “a product of the recent heat, sweating a lot and re-reading William Gibson”. Not surprising, then, that he serves up a chop suey of italo, time-meddled r ‘n’ b, amphetamine patches and vintage Ghibli, all washed in acid rain and lit by neon. Irresistible!

Casco Presents BWH – Stop
Blackway & Helene – Music For US
Glass Candy – The Chameleon
Aïsha Devi – Jesus & The Math
RP Boo – No Return
Ras G – All Out Fuck It
Push Button Objects – 3 Doctors
Pun Collins – Radio Mexicoca
Friendships – SSLOWW
Evy Jane – OHSO
Joe Hisaishi – Kaze To Torimichi
Francoise Hardy – Non, ce n’est pas un rêve
Terror Bird – The Wrong Way
The Cyclist – Mangel
??? – ???
Pet Shop Boys – It Couldn’t Happen Here
Ryuichi Sakamoto – Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence


Paco Sala’s second album, Put Your Hands On Me, is released on Digitalis this Autumn – CHECKIT.

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