Where To Now Abdoulaye Samb NTS

NTS Radio w/ Where To Now? & Abdoulaye Samb

This week we were lucky enough to have James Hines of kindred imprint Where To Now? and Senegalese guitarist Abdoulaye Samb in the NTS studio with us. James came armed with solid exclusives from his prolific label, ranging from Nadia Khan’s narcotic swoops to the freaked out electro-noise of Koshiro Hino. Abdoulaye played four blues-dusty acoustic versions of tracks from his album Wouty, and filled the room with that beautiful voice. I even found time to slip in the dreamy swells of IX Tab and Morkebla. An interesting sonic sandwich indeed!

Cosmic Neighbourhood – Cosmic Greetings
Nadia Khan – Slight Drift
IX Tab – Parhelion
M/E/L – Um Gum
The Soundcarriers – Low Light
Perfume Advert – The Fens
Ex-Easter Island Head – Mallet Guitars
X.Y.R. – Blue sky an’ calm
M/E/L – Human Body
Space Afrika – Tape Signal
FDG – Eo Ire Itum
Abdoulaye Samb live in session
Kemper Norton – Colour the Ocean Pink
Owen McLean – Feng Shui
Abdoulaye Samb live in session
William Kroll – Banjo and Fiddle
GDL – Laibach
Morkebla – When U Talk
Koshiro Hino – untitled

Where To Now Abdoulaye Samb NTS

PS: The Manta track we refer to on air was in fact Ex-Easter Island Head (an excellent record nonetheless), and the first tape to grace our new deck was Big Calm, not Stag Hare (another great tape, free download here). Apologies for the mixups!

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