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NTS Radio w/ Plinth

Sunday brought a lovely live performance and songs chosen by Plinth (aka Michael Tanner), accompanied by Alison Cotton of The Left Outsides. In a nicely de-tuned rendition of Saturday’s performance at Kit Club 7, the pair wove a blanket of dulcimer, viola and Russian zithery thing, leaving my brain all melty at the end. We’re soon releasing Michael’s psaltery music on vinyl – pre-order HERE, there’s only a handful left.

Evan Ziporyn – Partial Truths
Camera Obscura – A l’horizon Clervaux
Sharron Kraus – Branwen
O’Donahugh’s Opera – The Night Visiting Song
Mohammad – Sagaraki
Sparks – When I’m With You
Messiaen – The Exchange / Contemplation of the Virgin
Dave Burland – Here’s the Tender Coming
Alfred Kalusha – Kokonko (excerpt)
Fairport Convention – Doctor of Physick
The Coombe – Inbetween Doors
National Balkan Ensemble – Jason’s Trip
Michael Tanner – Psaltery i (live)
Jan Johansson – Visa från Rättvik
Jon Collin – One
Alison Cotton – The Bells of St. Agnes (live)
Plinth – Frey and Gulliburstin
Jantar – Unknown
Aki Tsuyuko – Flower On The Ground
Richard and Linda Thompson – Dimming of the Day

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