NTS Kit Recs w Paradigm Discs

NTS Radio w/ Paradigm Discs

This week at NTS I was joined by Clive Graham of London avant-garde stalwarts Paradigm Discs. Specialising in reissues and archival music, Paradigm made a name for themselves in the ’90s after rescuing the likes of Daphne Oram and Pauline Oliveros from obscurity. Clive brought with him a trove of music create by predominantly visual artists, ranging from the situationalist audio pranks of the fluxists, to Dutch abstract impressionist recordings, and ethnographic interview cut-ups from the streets of Londonderry and Brixton. The cherry on the cake came when Clive unleashed an 18 minute glitch opus by Kymatik – computer music that is some 20 years old, but sounds like it could’ve been made yesterday. I also got a chance to play new finds by Robert Stillman, Bog Bodies and Nochexxx.

Grab Kymatik’s excellent LP Anthropological Constants via Paradigm Discs.

Robert Stillman – Ruthie in May
Hans Krüsi – EX HK. (1st part)
Henning Christiansen – Abschiedssymphonie
Roland Topor – Panic (The Golden Years)
Danny Passarella and Perc – Play
Les Structure Sonore – Rapsodie de Budapest
Bog Bodies – Landscape with seal
Audio Arts – Just Getting Through It
Hans Krüsi – EX HK. (2nd part)
Selten Gehörte Musik – Das Berliner Konzert
Karel Appel – Poème Barbare
Wolf Vostell – Heuwagen
Black Dirt Oak – Real Crow
Bertoia – Unfolding
Kymatik – Dentists For Mice
Nochexxx – Stick Shift

NTS Kit Recs w Paradigm Discs

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