Martin Glass Pacific Visions cover

NTS Radio w/ Martin Glass

A very special NTS Radio broadcast in honour of new Kit Records signee Martin Glass. After an unfortunate visa mixup at Taoyuan International Airport, Martin was unable to join us in person, but sent a representative in the form of Dramatic Records founder Jack, along with extensive song selections, cryptic notes and annotations. The resultant splurge is two hours of ambient, kosmische and psychy tropicalisms, together with a deep play through of Martin’s excellent new album, The Pacific Visions of Martin Glass.

Ashra – Deep Distance
Haroumi Hosono – Newronian Network
Half Nelson – Homing
Hiroshi Yoshimura – Green
Martin Glass – Floating to Work
Florian Fricke – Spirit of Peace 1
Seaside Lovers – Melting Blue
Karim El Ghazoly – 7onayen
Martin Glass – Reach the Beach
Hiroyuki Namba – Hikosen No Ue No Synthesizer Hiki
YMO – Gradated Grey
K. Leimer – Facing East
Jürgen Müller – Beyond the Tide
Martin Glass – Glasshouse at Izu / Fugue Pacific
Poirier Marshall Partners – take 9
Inoyama Land – Glass Chaim
Group Listening – Jay
Shigeru Suzuki – Hawaiian
Jib Kidder – Four Seasons
Martin Glass – Paradise Bubble
Manuel Göttsching ‎– Ehrenvoller Kampf
Object Agency – One Day You Just Stop
Martin Glass – Sound & Image
Can – Moonshake
Poirier Marshall Partners – take 11
Ben Lomond – Tidal 4

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