Jam Money in NTS montage

NTS Radio w/ Jam Money

A wonderful two hours spent with Jam Money, trading tunes and witnessing some floaty, dreamy liveness, bass clarinet, autoharp n all. This was our last live session of the year, and we’re really looking forward to putting together a compilation tape of the best bits over the next few weeks (check out last year’s tape here).

For more info on Jam Money and their excellent debut Blowing Stones, visit Spillage Fete.

LeRoy – Like a Disease
Jantar – Prelude to a Body in Pieces
Lee Hazlewood – My Autumn’s Done Come
Elvis – I’m Leavin
Gesualdo – Sacrae Cantiones: Illumina faciem tuam
M. Omukanova – Dzuregumden
Jonathan Scherk – Catalogue 01
Cloudface – On None Bugaev – grow
Philippe Poirier – Tota’s tongue
Hiele – Kaneda
Ginni Clemmens – This Old Man
Saboten – Saphire
Pastels / Tenniscoats – Modesty Piece
Barton A Smith – Akimbo
Michael Hurley – 1st Precinct Blues
Moose Hill – Sodra Teatern
Hassle Hound – Lucky Bugs Win Prizes
Rayon – Libanon
Jam money live set
Plinth – Dulcimer Music (excerpt)
The Gentlist – Leaves Swept
Eating Flowers – Naturalistic Fallacy
Jam Money live set
Townes Van Zandt – None But The Rain
The Beautiful Schizophonic – Fornarnia

Jam Money in NTS montage

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