Edmund Finnis Kit Records 1200

NTS Radio w/ Edmund Finnis

It was an honour to have one of my favourite modern composers, Edmund Finnis, join us in the studio for Kit Radio this week. I first found Ed’s music via the violinist Aisha Orazbayeva, and her spiralling, sighing rendition of ‘Sister‘ with Lucy Railton. More exploration uncovered his transportive electronic panorama ‘Colour Field Painting‘, and the nostalgic, fleeting, plundered music of ‘TOSCA‘. All wonderful.

Unsurprisingly, Edmund’s song choices were unreal, and I struggled to keep up. Stand-out moments were Hans Abrahamsen’s preposterously complex acoustic techno ‘Schnee’, and the hyper-intimate glacial drone of Yannis Kyriakides. Edmund was also very at ease and eloquent on the mic, and offered some insight on the fleeting colour of music, perfect acoustics and why basslines should be like a nice carpet. Thanks dude.

Aki Tsuyuko – Plodding Song
Third Ear Band – Air
Max de Wardener – Until My Blood Is Pure
Elian Radigue – Jouet Electronique
William Basinski – Disintegration Loop
Yannis Kyriakides – Atopia (hyperamplified)
Michael Tanner – Dulcimer i
Boards of Canada – New Seeds
Jake Meginsky – Human Grape
Underwater Recording of Wessel Seals
Rechenzentrum – Camera Silens
The Nag’s Head – The Unanswered
Three Kalimba Songs – Ganizani Nyirenda
Hans Abrahamsen – Schnee (excerpt)
Edmund Finnis – Brother
Mary Lattimore – Jimmy V
Edmund Finnis – Colour Field Painting
D.Hansen – Dialogues
James Tenney – Septet for Six Electric Guitars
Rail Band – Soyomba
Big Bill Broonzy – You Got the Best Go
John Cage – Sonatas and Interludes: Sonata V
J.S. Bach – Concerto After Vivaldi in G minor: Largo

Edmund Finnis Kit Records 1200

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