Suzanne Ciani Haroumi Hosono Kit Radio

NTS Radio w/ Dour Gold

This was a fun show, as I was joined by my friend Michael, who brought a ‘paisley briefcase’ (bottle of Bucky) and plenty of dope jams. Talk soon turned to Snes games, alien life forms and babes. Schwing!

Check out Michael’s excellently jittery music project Jennifer Fullerton HERE.

Big Bill Broonzy – Moppers Blues
Enchanted Forest Organ Song
The Anambra Beats – Ayamma
Haruomi Hosono – Coral reef
Mario Paint – Background Music 3
Craig Leon – Nommo
Joane Skyler – Lakmir
Laurie Anderson – Sharkey’s Day
Yaaard – Unfocus
Richard Youngs – The Healing of Everyone
Ela Orleans – Tumult in Clouds
Oliver Coates – Cello and Whirlies
Plinth – Dulcimer 4
Suzanne Ciani – Lixiviation
Jean Laurendeau and the Ondes Martenot
Lakker – Herald
Jib Kidder – Banjo Etude
Tenores di Neoneli – Astore
Swim Platførm – Surface 2
Happy Meals – Crystal Salutation
Devon Loch – Untitled
Sonic Youth – Eric’s Trip
Alan Hovhaness – A pakistan flute

Suzanne Ciani Haroumi Hosono Kit Radio

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