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Listen back to Sunday’s radio show here, with an astonishing live session from avant-violinist Aisha Orazbayeva. Aisha deconstructed classics by Teleman and Bach, isolating bass lines, converting melodies into fingertaps, and allowing the bow to careen – sometimes sideways, sometimes upside down – across the full length of the strings, summoning truly ghostly timbres. Some live improvs also forged new paths, as Aisha took two bows near the violin’s bridge to double the volume and unlock new, dissonant harmonics, before brandishing her stick like a fencer and fluttering it perpendicular to the neck, creating waspish breaths and rakes. Arresting stuff!

Aisha’s excellent LP The Hand Gallery is out now on PRAH.

Oliver Coates – The room is the resonator
Laura Cannell – Black Earth (Bass Clef remix)

Live set one:
J.S. Bach Sonata no II for violin solo ‘Andante’
Morton Feldman ‘For Aaron Copland’
Solo violin improvisation with two bows

Dramatic Records perform Invisible Cities
Plinth – Frey and Gulliburstin

Live set two:
Sciarrino ‘6 Caprices’ Caprice no 1
G.P. Telemann Fantasie no 1 in B flat major ‘Largo’
Oljas Suleimenov ‘Actor and a night city after the premiere’
Oljas Suleimenov ‘Pushkin Square’

Richard Uttley – Leaf (Luciano Berio)
Antidröm + Devon Loch – New Hungarian Folk Song
Richard Uttley – Wasserklavier, Erdenklavier (Luciano Berio)
Eliane Radigue – Jouet Electronique
??? – ???
Street musicians of Yogyakarta
Stag Hare – Imago

Live set three:
Telemann Fantasie no.9 in B minor ‘Siciliana’ & ‘Vivace’
Solo violin improvisation
Telemann Fantasie no.6 in E minor ‘Grave’

Tibetan monk chants

Aisha Orazbayeva NTS

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