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NTS Radio // 23.07.17

The one where I used Shostakovich for the promo art but didn’t play any Shostakovich, then gave a guided tour of the studio with the mic on. Sorry.

Ashra – Sunrain
Can – Future Days
Haroumi Hosono – Newronian Network
Jack Hyde – Under walnut grove
CFCF – Exercise 7
Jim Woehrle & Michael Yonkers – Standing In the Doorway
Seamus Fogarty – Holyhead
The Doomed Bird of Provenance – Burrowed into the Soft Sky
Susan Alcorn – O Sacrum Convivium
Ariel Guzik – Sol
Felicia Atkinson – I’m Following You
Lutto Lento – Rattlesnake
Poirier Marshall Partners – sketch 11
Jürg Frey – Extended Circular Music No. 7
Gilberto Gil – Tempo rei
Haroumi Hosono – Slack Key Rhumba
Can – Moonshake
Anxiety Support Group – Demi
Karim El Ghazoly – Weshy Mnamel
Lutto Lento – Strangest Dream About U
Object Agency – No Human FLuids
CFCF – December
Jack Hyde – Before leaving, thunder
Robert Stillman – A Tide Toward Oblivion
Delphine Dora – HGA
CFCF – September
Karim El Ghazoly – Al Wadaa3
Poirier Marshall Partners – sketch 9

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