Jantar Suit Withers Nags Head Gluud NTS

NTS Radio // 21.08.2016

A solo show this week, with lots of folkways interludes (slowed down birdsong, humans imitating animals), and unreleased jams. I also dipped into recent Kit mixes fron the wonderful Cosmic Neighbourhood and Matthew Kaner, for psychy Americana and cyclical moodscapes, respectively, before ending on a whole side of the one and only Miles Davis.

Duval Timothy – Pleat
The Vampires of Dartmoore – Dance of the Vampires
Duval Timothy – Hairs
Moondog – Elf Dance
Vic Mars – Villages, Hamlets And Fétes
Ken Saul – Pictures Framed in My Mind
Thomas Leer – International
The United States of America – Coming Down
Silver Apples – Misty Mountain
Raasche And Alan Mills – unknown
Jantar – Wail
Animal Imitations by an Eskimo
Devonanon – Sorgenfrivägen
Musicians tuning up
Devon Loch – Canoo
Bhudda box
Isnaj Dui – Fjoeg
Teresa Winter – How Strange Are Bodies?
Wood thrush, slowed down
Devonanon – Envelope Envy
Modern Mayan – Unknown
Seamus Fogarty – Computer Graph
Henry Purcell – Trio Sonata no. 5 in A minor Z794 (ii. Adagio) / Respect Trio
Nic Jones – Courting is a Pleasure
Jürg Frey – Extended Circular Music no. 6 / Konus Quartett
Miles Davis – Shhh / Peaceful / Shhh
Beatrice Dillon – Curl
The Nag’s Head – Mmm Scwasjie Scwidj
Oliver Coates – Bambi 2046

Jantar Suit Withers Nags Head Gluud NTS

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