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NTS Radio // 14.05.17

I was joined again by Kit’s own Object Agency at NTS this week. The sun was out, and two grown men were conducting a vigorous playfight in the doorway to the studio. Some nervous energy rubbed off, and everything in the studio malfunctioned – songs mis-cued, emergency loops, huge feedback. But, listening back, the blend of songs in this show was really fantastic – swerving from the molasses ambience of Glockenspiel and Foundling, through the needly spoken words of MC A and Vast Aire, to the plush jazz of Billy Strayhorn – all punctuated with some brilliant cock-ups.

Glockenspiel – F.A.I
Cosmic Neighbourhood – Dragonfly
Federico Durand – Navidad en el bosque
Jon Brooks – Le Chateau
Foundling – A Man Who Hallucinates
Manuel Göttsching – Ruhige Nervosität
Rer Repeter – Suddenly The Lights Went Out (featuring Finna)
Roberto Cacciapaglia / Ann Steel – My Time
Monkeybone – Oot
Company Flow – 8 Steps to Perfection
Aquadab & MC A – Shape Decorated Screen
Swim Platførm & Lars Haga Ravand – Hymne
CVN – Synaesthesia
Cannibal Ox – Pigeon
John Roberts – Chlorine
Micachu and the Shapes – Oh Baby
The The – Giant
Drömloch – Perc
Billy Strayhorn – Lush Life
Shostakovich – Prelude 14
Jib Kidder – Piano Etude
Charles Mingus – Eclipse (alternate take)
Tenniscoats – Heritage

Rich and Michael in NTS 2017

NTS w object agency promo 1500

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