Kit Recs NTS with Euglossine and Lamb Life

NTS Radio // 01.10.17

This week’s radio show was recorded on the fly – a mish mash of great mixes and new discoveries, courtesy of Euglossine, Lamb Life, videogamemusic, Discrepant, Monoganon

Pierre Bastien – QUIET MOTORS
Jonathan Scherk – Protection
Joe Hisaishi – Flower Moment
Euglossine – Rose of Mirrors
Taeko Onuki – Kaie
Serge Blenner – Genevision
Yoshio Ojima -Days-Man
Steve Roach – Worlds
Masahiro Sugaya – Time Lag -TIme
Dok-S Project – CItyscape
Euglossine – Ease Cycles Ease
Weather Report – Indiscretions
Maurice Jarre – Lullaby For Lisa
Tom Recchion – A Christmas Filled With Tears
Donnacha Costella – Unconditional
Andrew Pekler – Moon Velvet
JJ Cale – Outside Lookin In
Mark Mothersbaugh – Suite – Part 1
Meat Puppets – Tumblin Tumbleweeds
Jimmie Crawford – Troops
Curt Kirkwood – Light Bulb
Sun Ra – Prelude To Stargazers
Justin Walter – It’s Not What You Think
Prince – A Place In Heaven
Lung Dart – Wrung Out (Devon Loch remix)
Lung Dart – Reverse 1 (A Whim) (Mobbs Golden Sax Rendition)
Group Listening – Maryan
Monoganon – One Brain
Object Agency – Mohawk Valley Formula
Robert Stillman – PORTAL 1

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