WANDA GROUP x Townes Van Zandt NTS

NTS Radio // 18.10.15

In true nerd fashion I recently made a youtube playlist to accompany games of chess, Scacchi Battalia. The solemn meditations of Mohammad, Biber’s bombast and the reedy drones of Ragnorok seemed to evoke frowning Lewis chessmen, stuck forever in plodding combat. I plundered the list for this show, as well as some new records – WANDA GROUP’s incredible Outer Alsatian and the addictive Harry Deerness to name a couple. Our last release of 2015, Mary Lattimore’s spellbinding Luciferin Light, makes an appearance, as does Dolly Dolly‘s fantastic, cinematic Kit mix.

Musica Antiqua of London – Susanne Un Jour
Sven Nyus – Fanitullen
WANDA GROUP – Outer Alsation (excerpt)
Shape Worship – Heygate (Palimpsest)
Laura Cannell + Rhodri Davis – Even a Moment
Devon Loch – I/O
Mohammad – Bela Frumatene
Con Cassidy – Con talks about starting to play the fiddle / The Green Mountain
The A. Lords – Hopkins’ Lament
Mary Lattimore – Sleeping in a House with a Lot of Dolls
Bashayi Bengoma – Zwanendaba Dlamini
Dolly Dolly – Kit Mix Intro
Moondog – Pastoral
Leslie Bricusse – Charlie’s Paper Run
Jiri Bezant – Erotica No. 2
Orriel Smith – Hannah Emerges In the Night
The Sallyangie – Children of the Sun
Water Into Wine Band – Harvest Time
Jan & Lorraine – Number 33
Lady June – Optimism
Dorothy Ashby – Lamentation
The Gentlemen – Moving Parts / Rubble and Dust
Mario Davidovsky – Synchronisms No. 5
Georgie Viennet & Pierre Arvay – Si
Reflection – The Present Tense
Gerardo Iacoucci – Introversione
Isla Cameron – Let No Man Steal Your Thyme
Karl Orff – Keetman
Garrick’s Fairground – I Have Turn Up
The Crown Folk – The Crow and the Cradle
Thijs Van Lee – Arcangelo
Heinrich Biber – Battalia
Harry Deerness – Swona House
Townes Van Zandt – Columbine
William Kroll – Banjo and Fiddle
Heinrich Biber – Requiem Dies Irae
Anonymous – Ragnorok
The A. Lords – Summerhouse
Mary Lattimore – Luciferin Light
Devon Loch + Antidröm – Melody Study
Clade – Vietnamese Piano

WANDA GROUP x Townes Van Zandt NTS

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  1. Tony Malone

    Brilliant and eclectic, so much to discover. The male singer on ‘Crow and the Cradle’ really reminded me of Dan Haywood (Dapple) Always a treat to hear Laura Cannell too.


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