Marcus Oakley kit mix 1

Marcus Oakley // Thingy Thing

Here’s a brilliant, brilliant mix from illustrator, musician and 100% dude Marcus Oakley. When not making gorgeously wonky collages and doodles, Marcus records lovely lo-fi tunes as The Sunflower Band. Bendy synths, harmonies and boppin. YES. In the words of the man himself, ‘This mix is a mixture of fuzzy, floppy, smooth and crunchy music that will harmoniously accompany various indoor or outdoor activities.’

Those in the Edinburgh area next month should check out Marcus’s ‘Crunchy Pump’ exhibition of new drawings and objects, at Gayfield Creative Space from April 16-24.

Roland Bocquet – La Marche Des Canards
Lucifers Cage – Gordan Giltrap
The Doobie Brothers – It Keeps You Runnin’
John Baker – Jazz Advert
The Human League – Dance Like a Star
Andrés Segovia – Torroba: Serenata Burlesca
Brian Protheroe – Pinball
Dilemma – Triangle
The Beach Boys – Barnyard (Demo)
John Fahey – Give Me Cornbread When I’m Hungry
Mike Oldfield – Guilty
Ray Tracing – Binary Decomposition
Midwinter – The Skater
Afrosound – E.t. el extraterrestre
Gerry Rafferty – Keep It To Yourself
Mike Mandel, Clark Ferguson, Carlo Curley – Funky-Wah
Paul McCartney – All You Horse Riders
Paco De Lucía – Entre Dos Aguas
Beatmen – Now The Sun Has Gone
Francis Monkman – Achievement of Man
The Beach Boys – Shut Down, Part II
Malvina Melville – Fille cosmopolite
Bernard Estardy – LE SIFFLET DU BARON
The Conet Project – 5 note version czech lady

Marcus Oakley kit mix 1

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