LSV Tape + Game [KR11]

Ever felt the compulsion to fling a grumpy Lewis chessman through a green wormhole? Course you have. And now’s your chance! Artist and game designer frd has been kind enough to create a game to accompany our latest release, Luxury Slime Vortex by The Nag’s Head. Unlock songs from the album while battling through different worlds in the game! Looks mighty fine in full-screen.

Order LSV on jelly green cassette, complete with spangly riso artwork, HERE. .

Brighton producer The Nag’s Head (aka Stephen Maskell) returns after the brutal kaleidoscope of 2013’s Live From Concrete Island, with a new EP of “metallic cloud voodoo”. While Maskell’s deep affection for jungle and blues is still on show, Luxury Slime Vortex is certainly a colder, more foreboding proposition than last year’s tape. The title track goes off like a grenade in a biscuit tin, all buckling metal and half-submerged Miami Bass chants, before eating itself in a tangle of nitrate film.No Fear of Pop

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