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Klaus Pinter // Bewussseinweiterung (1973)

Dramatic Records’ Endless House compilation sheds light on the fascinating story of Jiri Kantor – a charismatic Czech audiophile slash borderline cult leader – and his failed Endless House project of the early 1970s. Difficult to find, and equally difficult to leave, Endless House provided a “promised land” of Moog workshops and groundbreaking synthetic music performances. Looming in the vast Białowieża Forest, the scintillatingly futuristic metal and glass obelisk attracted a community of artists, dancers, wasters, Bauhaus enthusiasts, Kommune 1 romanticists and early electronic music devotees. Sadly, as history has taught us, large-scale Utopian vanity projects tend to buckle under the weight of a few hundred hippies, and Endless House was demolished after a mere six months. Its creator, the enigmatic self-promoting “chrome man” Kantor, dropped off the radar.

Other tracks worth a listen are Johannus Arpensium’s “Ostend (Invisible Cities)” and the monumental “I am Germany” from Walter Schnaffs – a “dubbed-out collage” of concrete and chrome. Here’s an interview with the eloquent Schnaffs himself, for good measure. Expect more releases from Dramatic in 2013, from the likes of Uther Moads and Sebastian Palomar. We managed to corner Jack from Dramatic in the NTS studio a few weeks back. His song selections were fantastic – ranging from hysterical Turkish psych, German hippy drone, and even a few exclusive Dramatic debuts. Listen here.

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