Kit Radio w/ Jack Rollo

Jack Rollo stood in for us on NTS this week, as we were hitching around France and cutting our feet on Italian barnacles. As promised, we got a soundscape of choice psych, rare electronica and pop philosophy surrealism, all glazed with Jack’s trademark avian hum and swirl. More an impressionist mosaic than a dj set, this is truly bewitching. Welcome to television land.

Brian Eno – Here Come the Warm Jets
Marshal McLuhan – ‘The World’s First Pop Philosopher’ (1965)
Comet Gain – Mainlining Mystery
Faine Jade – Cold Winter Sun
The Trypes – Love You To
Daughters of Albion – Hey, You, Wait, Stay
Confetti – It’s Kinda Funny
Astaron – Torchlight Procession
Thomas Leer – Private Plane
Blue Orchids – Work
The Dentists – I Can See Your House From Up Here
Nancy Sesay and the Melodaires – C’est Fab
Slapp Happy – Just a Conversation
Angel Corpus Christie – Never too Late for Linda
The Summer Sounds – The Leaves are Turning Brown
Michel Polnareff – Le Bal des Laze
Cornelius Cardew talks about the Scratch Orchestra Pt.1
Port Said – Indian Ocean Voyage II
Cornelius Cardew talks about the Scratch Orchestra Pt.2
Epic Soundtracks – Jelly Babies
Faust – Flashback Caruso
WCPAEB – As the World Rises and Falls
Mark Fry – Song for Wilde
Cynthia Ozack zings Norman Mailer in Town Bloody Hall (1971)
Spell – Theme from Rosemary’s Baby
Deux Filles – Little Brown Jig
Thomas Leer – All About You
Bill Fay – Garden Song
The Zombies – I Remember You
Mick Farren and the Battle of Grosvenor Sq, ‘Oh Look! It’s us!’
Shirley Collins – Sweet England
John Dowland – Mourn, day is with darkness fled – performed by The Consort of Musicke
Lal and Mike Waterson – Never the Same
Benjamin Britten – Before Life and After – performed by Peter Pears and Benjamin Britten
Swell Maps – A Raincoat’s Room

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