Front and Follow kit mix

Kit Mix #99 // Front & Follow

An exclusive slab of remixes from kindred label Front & Follow. Mighty.

‘This mix draws on a number of collaborations we’ve been involved in since it (Front & Follow) all began in 2007. More out of chance than design, it’s been a huge part of the label, and a great opportunity to bring together wonderful artists and like-minded folk. The latest of these projects is Swooping Talons Remixes – a collection of reinterpretations of Laura Cannell’s Beneath Swooping Talons, featuring Karen Gwyer, Ekoplekz, Kemper Norton and more – out in December.’

The Doomed Bird of Providence – Fedicia Exine (Position Normal mix) (from The Fedicia Exine Remixes)
Andy Nice – Dr Titan (Isnaj Dui mix) (from The Remixes)
Lutine – So It Goes (Pete Wiggs Remix) (from forthcoming Lutine remix project)
Laura Cannell – Deer Bark (Oliver Coates remix) (from Swooping Talons Remixes)
BLK w/BEAR – BLK Apples (from Sorry About Your (re:mixes) – interpretations of Yonokiero’s Blue Apples)
Kemper Norton – Helston 91 TVO Ghost Key remix) (from Helston 2014: Spingoed)
Pye Corner Audio – The Black Mist (Old Apparatus mix) (from The Black Mist EP)
The Doomed Bird of Providence – Fedicia Exine (cloud in the shape of Klaus Schulze) (live) (Psychological Strategy Board mix, from The Fedicia Exine Remixes)
Kemper Norton – Helstone 91 (IX Tab’s Wittering Mix) (from Helston 2014: Spingoed)
Sone Institute – The World is Still a Confusion (Kemper Norton remix) (from This Moment is Already a Memory)
Yonokiero – Blue Apples (Sone Institute mix) (unreleased)

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