Dolly Dolly kit mix montage

Dolly Dolly // You Broke Your Mother’s Teapot Lid

We love the work of English surrealist musician, spoken word artist and beekeeper Dolly Dolly (sometimes known as David Yates). Bunches of words, unnerving tangles of the stupendous, gruesome and mundane, wind through scattered atmospheres, radiophonic ploinks and the occasional piano ballad.

David’s mix ties mournful folk and sound experiments together into one mesmerising, scary whole. More words from the man himself below. If you happen to be in the Berkshire area mid-November, do check out the excellent sounding audio-visual treat The Delaware Road, compered by Dolly Dolly.

‘This mix could quite easily double up as the soundtrack to a 70s children’s television programme or one of those ‘folk’ horror films from the same period. Here Musique Concrete becomes the unlikely bedfellow of pastoral a Capella English folk. The juxtaposition seems to highlight the strangeness of each. For reasons I can’t really explain this mix reminds me of a weird school assembly.

Have a listen and see if you agree.


Dolly Dolly kit mix montage

Dolly Dolly – Kit Mix Intro
Moondog – Pastoral
Leslie Bricusse – Charlie’s Paper Run
Jiri Bezant – Erotica No. 2
Orriel Smith – Hannah Emerges In the Night
The Sallyangie – Children of the Sun
Water Into Wine Band – Harvest Time
Jan & Lorraine – Number 33
Lady June – Optimism
Dorothy Ashby – Lamentation
The Gentlemen – Moving Parts / Rubble and Dust
Mario Davidovsky – Synchronisms No. 5
Georgie Viennet & Pierre Arvay – Si
Reflection – The Present Tense
Gerardo Iacoucci – Introversione
Isla Cameron – Let No Man Steal Your Thyme
Karl Oroff – Keetman
Garrick’s Fairground – I Have Turn Up
The Crown Folk – The Crow and the Cradle
Thijs Van Lee – Arcangelo

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