Jam Money - Blowing Stones

Kit Mix #73 // Spillage Fete

This week’s mix is another cracker from one of our favourite labels, London’s wonderful Spillage Fete. The Fete came to our attention via their most recent release, the golden Blowing Stones by Jam Money. We were taken aback by this quilt of homespun vignettes, which unfurls like some happily malfunctioning automata. Thankfully Jam money surface on this mix, alongside other ripply things of wonder, plus lots of Kit favourites and friends. Listen and grab a copy of Blowing Stones here. Words from Mat and Kevin below…

‘Myself and Kev have put together the mix for you, it’s a combined Jam Money/Spillage Fete mix, featuring music released and related to Spillage, alongside musicians/artists whom we love and have inspired our own music, a way of saying thanks.’

Ivor Cutler – Gravity Begins At Home
Say no more.

The Pastels – Flora’s Theme
Beautiful moment from the Pastels Last Great Wilderness soundtrack. Stephen and Katrina also curated the ever-inspiring and explorative ‘Geographic’ label, too many incredible releases to name but a few.

Colleen – Your Heart On Your Sleeve
This is off Colleen’s first album Everybody Alive Wants Answers. This record really holds its own unique magic.

Rude Pravo – The Dust Is Flying
7″ single from Luke Fowler’s band, on his own Shadazz label. Rude Pravo also contributed to The Blank Tape Spillage Fete 2009.

Kirsten Ketsjer – Foot & Foot
A lovely Danish collective who run their own label called Yoyooyoy. Anders Meldgaard from the band also released a great solo record called Frisk Frugt.

Moondog – Oo Debut
One of many inspiring Moondog pieces of music, full of rich sounding percussion.

I Can I Can’t – Plumage
I Can I Can’t is made up of all four co-curators of The Blank Tape Spillage Fete. This track was remixed by sound artist and band member Benji Fox.

Kama Aina – Worms In ’71
This is off the Music Activist album released by Geographic, housing seventeen enchanting tracks.

Jam Money – It Is A Beetle
A very wee out-take from the Jam Money record, featuring the voice of Aimée Henderson, whose artwork adorns the sleeve and was of great inspiration to the music.

Susumu Yokota – Nisemono No Uta
A Japanese musician whose made many albums, this track comes from a firm favourite Image 1983 – 1998, a personal collection of his early recordings using keyboards, voice, guitar and samples.

Harry Deerness – Not A Well Man
Contorted Orcadian cassette salvage released on Spillage Fete records.

Ela Orleans – Better Friends
We recently saw Ela play live and were captivated by both her music and the films she creates to accompany them. She has a new album on the way!

Flaming Tunes – Breast Stroke
A beautiful and moving song off the timeless wonder that is the Flaming Tunes album.

The Gentlist – Small Latte Man
Introducing Matt Hunt aka The Gentlist. This track is one of Matt’s first ever forays into home recording, equipped with voice, keyboard and film canister full of coins.

Bons – Do Battle
Spillage Collective, with signature bedpost percussion.

A Happy Return – Numero Undo
First track off a collection of recordings by Mat Fowler put together to give to friends.

Pastels/Tenniscoats – Hikoki
This is off the collaborative album Two Sunsets, which aptly describes the joyful music found on this record.

Colleen – Everyone Alive Wants Answers
The title track off Colleen’s first record, another artist whose forthcoming album we’re looking forward to!

Moondog – Trees Against The Sky
A great one to finish with, a real free spirit.

Jam Money - Blowing Stones

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