High Wolf Kairos Chronos mix

Kit Mix #71 // High Wolf

Following on from our excellent Sun Araw guest mix over a year back, we’re chuffed indeed to receive another potion from the world of Not Not Fun / Sun Ark. High Wolf! Surely a lofty canine to be relied upon. Clasp the paw and levitate – this is a regular trove of trippy, fluxus gems! Quite astonishing.

The Wolf conveys that a new Black Zone Myth Chant LP will be out soon on Gravats, and a new High Wolf LP out on Leaving Records around April – both with accompanying tours. Blessings.

Aaron Dilloway & Jason Lescalleet – Shattered Capsules (excerpt)
Early One – Earth
Gangsta Boo – Can I Get Paid
The Durian Brothers – Die Eisheiligen
Ninos Du Brasil – Legios De Cupins
Joshua Abrams – San Anto
Takehisa Kosugi – Mano Dharma 74 (excerpt)
Extreme Precautions – Untitled
Igor Wakhevitch – Rituel De Guerre Des Esprits De La Terre
The Skull Defekts – Holy Drums Dub

High Wolf 1000

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