Rural Colours Kit Mix

Kit Mix #66 // Rural Colours

As the nights draw in and the air grows cold, this mix from Yorkshire label Rural Colours feels apt. Here music is trapped mid-flow by ice, slowing crystalline ecosystems to quarter speed. Rural Colours is the home of Kit favourite Isnaj Dui, who also provides a series of linocuts for the label. Their mix is pure handpicks from the Rural back catalogue, providing a clear window into a creaky, upside-down world where bucolic minutiae are amplified and celebrated.

Some words below from Colours kingpin Jonathan outline the leafy label’s M.O…

KR: How did Rural Colours come about?

RC: To be honest Rural Colours started off as an offshoot to its bigger brother label Hibernate simply because we were receiving too many good demos and didn’t want to turn them down. In the four years it’s seen many changes, it was first based on proper net label principles with material released under a Creative Commons licence. Then we started a subscription series, three handmade 3″ CDr (20 minute eps) each month in a hand sewn pouch. That was great until we got to 60 subscribers and it soon came to an end as it became unbearable making 180 packages each month. We cancelled the subscriptions but carried on releasing 3″ CDr in smaller runs and handmade packaging still and after 50 of them branched out to full album CDr and CD. In 2014 we released our first vinyl.

KR: What do you aim to achieve with the label?

RC: Our only aim is to get to 108 releases.

KR: What does the future hold for Rural Colours?

RC: We’re currently still promoting our split vinyl release from The Sly and Unseen and Caught In The Wake Forever. Also Isnaj Dui’s Euplexia has been doing great having been nominated for the Dead Albatross award so we’ve been promoting that too. We’re always working on new things, at the end November we should have a new album out by guitar drone heroes Chihei Hatakeyama and Good Weather For An Airstrike.

Isnaj Dui linocut rural colours

The Sly and Unseen – Slumming It Here With Our Common Pigeons
Isnaj Dui – Rolling Globe II
Chihei Hatakeyama and Good Weather For An Airstike – Morning In Summer
Darren McClure – Accidently On Purpose
Quinn Walker – Going Home
Spheruleus and Friends – By Machinery
Caught In The Wake Forever – Erskine’s Greatest
Everything Is – A Dance For You
Offthesky and Man Watching The Stars – Patience
Shaula – Planula

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