krayon mixtape for kit records

Kit Mix #47 // Krayon Recordings

This week’s mix, from one of our very favourites Krayon Recordings, is a corker. Krayon’s stupefyingly good tape is so sprawling and carefully assembled it deserves to be split into two distinct parts. Side A is schizophrenic, whistful and bizarre, dealing in Barron-esque forbidden excursions, precious woodland recordings and haunted pinball machines. Side B opens with a hard layer of concrète, before crumbling to Okkyung Lee’s tortured creaks and the creeping amber of Phantom Heron Seas. This will break your ears then your heart. Stay tuned to Krayon HERE for the latest in their fine series of releases and events.

Allen Ginsberg – Dead Father Blues
Astral Social Club – Star Guzzlers
Expressway Yo-Yo Dieting – Bubblethug
Floris Vanhoof – Through field recordings & the wonderful world of well sounding voltages, this piece connects two documents which capture my journey in America: playing a pinball machine with sound effects by Suzanne Ciani and a brass ensemble in the New Hampshire woods
Idea Fire Company – The Life of the Party
Bridget Hayden – Aye Fond Kiss

Haters – Break
Mark Fell – Add To Cart
Harappian Night Recordings – Parwana
Okkyung Lee – The Space Beneath My Grey Heart
Phantom Heron Seas – The Unkindness of Ravens Part One
Lonnie Holly – All Rendered Truth
Love Cry Want – Peace (For Dakota and Jason)
Headboggle – Moon Village Valances
Evol – Something Inflatable

krayon mixtape for kit records

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