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Kit Mix #34 // Depth Sound Recordings

From confounding roster, all pseudonyms and dark electronics, to pleasingly sparse website, The Association for Depth Sound Recordings is an enigmatic proposition. We caught up with the man in charge, Andrew Spyrou, and managed to extract a Blade Runner-esque Shanghai streetscape peppered with ASDR exclusives. Enjoy.

“I recently moved from London to Shanghai, and from the compressed audio of LCD-screen adverts in lifts and taxis to the constant pneumatic drills soundtracking the industrial boom, not to mention street karaoke and the occasional nuclear-fallout siren test, I can safely say this city is one of the noisiest places I have ever been.

The place wouldn’t be the same without its sounds though, so I decided to compile a short collage of a few recordings I made around China. The sound collage is studded with a couple of new re-edits done under the shroud of my some-time alter-ego G.S.D., and is followed by a more conventionally-structured mix of instrumental music I have been listening to recently, including a couple of unreleased tracks from artists on The Association for Depth Sound Recordings.

uther moads

I started the label in November 2011 in order to release the début EP by Uther Moads. Rhodri and I met each other at university and would often chat music and production. He was clearly an incredibly talented musician, and it wasn’t long before I decided to set up the label with the aim of providing a material outlet for digital artists (both musical and visual) in an increasingly virtual world. I asked Rhodri for an unreleased track to include in the mix and he kindly sent over the gentle “Return to Holograd”.

The mix also features some recent tracks from Raster-Noton, one of my favourite record labels. It has such a constantly brilliant output and aesthetic. I feel that consistency of one form or another is important in holding a record label together, and I’ve done my best to ensure this is the case for ADSR.

We recently put out the label’s fifth release, a CD by Antidröm. Perhaps best described in a sizeable essay by Ambient Exotica, I like to call it crumbling sample-based electronica with tinges of dark-ambient soundscape. Antidröm is a serious synthesiser enthusiast, and composed the album in his home studio stuffed with knobs and wires. Some of the synthesisers he built himself, and his soldering iron is a permanent fixture on his desk. Getting Grady Gordon to do the artwork was a real coup too. I close the mix with an unreleased version of an Antidröm track which is suitably dark and crushing.


2014 should be another exciting year for the label, and may even include a release by a Chinese producer.”


Shanghai Metro Beggar
Street flautist
Automobile acceleration
Canal-side tourguide
7 Days of Funk (Snoop Dogg & Dam Funk) – Faddin’ Away (G.S.D. Cuttup)
Ancient Xitang temple door creak
Ocarina saleswoman
Daytime KTV [karaoke] (female)
Peanut / Caramel crusher
Tofu chopper
Das Kabinette – The Cabinet of Dr Kaligari (G.S.D. Cuttup)
Daytime KTV [karaoke] (male)
??? – ???
Hercules & Love Affair – Blind (Serge Santiago Version)
Omar S – Oasis Four (Unreleased Mix)
Shackleton – There’s a Slow Train Coming
Ancient Methods – Eat Like Hawks
Signal – Naplafa
Emptyset – Point
Kyoka – HADue (Atom™ Remix)
Surgeon – Radiance
Uther Moads – Return to Holograd [ADSR Unreleased]
Alex Bill – Piece 1
Uther Moads – Breakdown (Pye Corner Audio Remix)
Traxman – Buddha Muzik
Antidröm – Rashomon (Antidröm’s Akutagawa Remix) [ADSR Unreleased]

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