Hiroshi Yoshimura Music for Nine Postcards

Kit Mix #137 // Jack Hyde

Here’s a beautiful outdoorsy melange of globe tripping field recordings and unreleased ambient work from London sound collector Jack Hyde. Fogging over like the echo of a shipping forecast, this multinational swirl encompasses serene forests and lakes explored by Jack across Sweden and France, interspersed with some of his favourite music by the likes of Susumu Yokota and Julianna Barwick.

You can roam Jack’s wonderfully immersive field recording collections, Floirac and Pontou, France, HERE. This mix also features some unreleased work from a forthcoming self-released album by Jack, so keep an ear out for that!

Moss, wind
Ellen Arkbo – mountain of air
Dawn, lugnas wood
Ezekiel Honig & Morgan Packard – Balm
Berrick – elder
Harbour, windy
Shuttle 358 – Scrapbook
Evening chorus, Vistruvalen Lake
Beverly Copeland – Sunset Village
Water drumming
Berrick – Tor
Susumu Yokota – Tobuime
Riverbank, evening
Satsuki Shibano – Reverie du Pauvre
Alessandro Pizzin – In Loving Memory
Floirac, early morning
Juliana Barwick – Anjos
Rain, church gate
Jim O’Rourke – There’s Hell in Hello But More in Goodbye
Tiveden park
Hiroshi Yoshimura – View from my window

Hiroshi Yoshimura Music for Nine Postcards

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