Kit Mix Mt Accord

Kit Mix #134 // Mt Accord

Here’s a wonderfully soothing mix of inward gazing drone and cumulus vocals assembled by London producer Mt Accord, drawing on modern electro-ambient touchstones including Genot Centre, Mappa, ACR, Total Black and Orange Milk Records. This one is so expertly paced it really shuts down the synapses, less a mixtape more an impressionistic dish of sound, a three way mirror revolving in space.

Check out Mt Accord’s deep ambient work In Reverie, out now via Colour8 Records.

Jeph Jerman – 8:20
Dialect – Before Lovers
Nico Niquo – A-am
Leaaves – It’s Hard To Find A Friend
CJ Mirra – Instnt
Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith – By Your Side (Sade Cover)
theydon boys – #329
Gosheven – Excluded and Abused
Knivtid – Paus I
nate scheible – “together again” (reprise)
Foundling – We Managed To Get Up
Mt Accord – Obscured Views In The Morning
Kali Malone – Black Gate I
Izanasz – 2053 (Spheres Of Purest Crystal, Expanding)
theydon boys & Mt Accord – 1.1

Kit Mix Mt Accord

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