Steve Gisby kit mix

Kit Mix #132 // Steve Gisby

Here’s an ear-boggling two hours of fractal, minimal goodness from the composer Steve Gisby. We first came across Steve’s work through Cara Stacey’s Kit mix, which featured the looping, hypnotic ‘Three’, made using Gisby’s fascinating Iterative Music Project, which is free for all to use and experiment with. Steve’s mix comprises ‘mathematical processes, loops, layered textures and grooves’, half assembled by Gisby, half formed by an unseen chain of divine formulae. More words from the man himself below…

“Tom Johnson’s ‘Abundant Numbers’ had a big impact on me, and my approach to composing, when I heard him perform it a few years ago. Since then, he’s also become a dear friend. Peter Garland’s subtle and constantly shifting Apple Blossom. Trip Wamsley’s bass, Zoë Keating’s cello, and Todd Reynolds’ violin. The 400 electric guitars of Rhys Chatham’s ‘A Crimson Grail’. The Vocal Constructivists haunting performance of Ronald Kulvila’s ‘A City Of No Illusions’. Richard Glover’s permutations of superimposed triads in ‘Logical Harmonies’ – of all these pieces, probably the one I most wish that I’d written. Consciously and unconsciously, I find myself returning to this music every once in a while.”

Steve Gisby kit mix

Gyorgy Ligeti – Continuum
Peter Garland – Apple Blossom
Tom Johnson – Abundant Numbers
Carl Stone – Banteay Srey
Fred Frith – (For Tomoko Itani) Minimalism
Tonus Music Labor Research Result – Part 47
Max De Wardener – Automatic
Zoë Keating – Sun Will Set
Nik Bartsch – Modul 8_9
Trip Wamsley – Dear Boy
Rhys Chatham – A Crimson Grail (Part 1)
Richard Glover – Logical Harmonies 1
Todd Reynolds – Transamerica
Ronald Kulvila – A City Of No Illusions
Sonar – Twofold Covering

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