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Kit Mix #129 // Bezirk

Sometimes a mix comes along that is so fresh and unpredictable, you need to sit down with a cuppa for half an hour to wrap your head round what just happened. This one, by Bezirk, is up there. Formed by Daryl Worthington, who makes music as Beachers, together with Spools Out founder and Missing Organs musician Tristan Bath, Bezirk finds itself split across Riga and Vienna. The label is aptly variegated, taking in the percussive pop of Kib Elektra, Delphine Dora’s comforting incantations and the fidgety grooves of Design A Wave. Nothing really holds Bezirk’s roster together, apart from the fact that they’re all really, really good. A bit like this mix then.

Design A Wave’s Perfectal Bum and Gareth JS Thomas’ Cruising Hits are both out via Bezirk on March 24. Support great little labels like Bezirk, and preorder them HERE.

MJ Lallo – The Channeled Voice
Sam Andreae – Curiously Tea She Said [VERANTWORTUNG3000 Aug 2016]
Schoolhouse – Visual:Verbal (Forthcoming Tombed Visions)
NOCHEXX – Vision Feet (forthcoming Alien Jams)
Marlo Eggplant – Songed
The Tumbledryer Babies – Regolith
Nicholas Langley – Lancing Beach
BeNe GeSSeRiT – Femmes Aux Yeux
Otomo Yoshihide’s New Jazz Ensemble – Good Morning
Julia Reidy – Something I Could Do
Design A Wave – Track 14 / Blood Road (Perfectal Bum – forthcoming Bezirk)
Head Dress – Slow Chime
Amadou Binta Konté & Tidiane Thiam – Dialélam
John Surman – How Many Clouds Can You See
former-airline – Shadows of Frailty
Brett Naucke – Forever Ahead
Charles Barabé – Confession XII
Formal Regression – Je Me Quitte
Junior Parker – Tomorrow Never Knows
Gareth JS Thomas – I Drove All Night (Cruising Hits – forthcoming Bezirk)

Formal Regression Je Me Quitte

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