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Kit Mix #101 // Kek-w

Here’s a brilliantly poppy yet weird mix from 100% dude Kek-w, the fellow behind 19F3, aka ‘the world’s greatest Non-Boutique Yeovil-Based Nano-Label.’ In his own words, Kek-w is a writer, artist, activist and full-time professional nuisance. He spends his days nailing words together in awkward shapes for various comic-books, magazines and websites. He currently writes The Order and Judge Death for 2000AD, and about music for Wire magazine.

‘I had no theme planned for this mix – or so I thought. It was just a bunch of tracks I like from different eras of my life. It came out a bit more, um, ‘Pop’ than I originally intended (Sorry if you were expecting Belgian Drone or Finnish Outo Musiikki), but I dunno: without bumming y’all out, things feel pretty *ugh* right now – every week brings some fresh atrocity; every day a new, unexpected form of exploitation or horror – so I’m starting to wonder, after the fact, if my choices might’ve been more of a subconscious reaction than I realised. Less of a rose-tinted escapist cop-out and more of a subdued response to modern life.

I confess to feeling more pessimistic about the world than I have done in some years, but I’m hoping that maybe some of this music offers back a bit of buoyant positivity. It didn’t feel right to go Black Metal or Harsh Noise Wall on ya. Anger’s good, but maybe we gotta be a whole lot smarter – better– than that. I tried to mix up the genders: I wanted to hear more women’s voices alongside the men’s – optimism and compassion next to a bit of cheeky refusnik strut. There are many ways of expressing defiance – some are quieter, more gentle than others – and it’s gonna take a lot of love, patience and smart thinking to get us through the next few years. In tough times we need to come together. Build communities, networks, understanding. Turn these times around. I know I’m not alone in thinking this.

And music is the great leveller, the cultural equivalent of a ring-binder. But hey.

I usually like to sneak a bit of Grace Slick into my mixes (and I don’t care how old that makes me sound). Didn’t quite happen on this one. Maybe next time, huh?’

Kek-w. Yeovil, November 2015.

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Wanda Group – a short mash-up, mostly from A Slab about Being Held Captive
John Cale – Sun Blindness Music
Gang 90 – Jack Kerouac
Malcolm McLaren & the Bootzilla Orchestra – Waltz Darling
S’Express – Find Time (To be Yourself)
Billy Cobham – Snoopy’s Search
Mick Farren / Deviants – Let’s Loot the Supermarket (Again)
Kek-w – American Eccojam
Heaven 17 – Sunset Now
Hard Corps – Lucky Charm
Veronica Vincent / Aksak Maboul – Veronika Winken
Wings – Bip Bop
T. Rex – Thunderwing
UFO – Boogie

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