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Kit Club 7

In a continuation of our Kit Club night at the now defunct Power Lunches, we’re excited to present an immersive evening of music, collage and moving images at Cafe Oto. Live performances and off beam DJ sets, splicing radio broadcast and improvisation, will accompany a bricolage of ambient gaming and collaborative visual art. Pre-order tickets for a mere £6 HERE.

Plinth lulls the listener into half-imagined worlds, drawing equally from vague memories of childhood (eerie books borrowed from the library, quaint otherworldly television serials, hours spent exploring old attics and junkshops), and a heartfelt love and appreciation of the English countryside and the ancient villages dotted around it. Plinth’s songs have been likened to ‘little spells’, and hearing them fade out for the last time is to be gently roused from a dream and, perhaps sadly, returned to the present time.

Electronic musician, inventor and teacher Leafcutter John explores microcosms of sound through instruments of his own making – be they photo-sensitive grids controlled by bike lights and sparklers, precarious, home-spun Rube Goldberg-isms or glistening modular banks. Leafcutter seems drawn to the aleatoric beauty of natural systems; he could recently be heard baffling Max Reinhardt on Late Junction with an atomic recording of a peeling tangerine, and aurally charting the price of gold at the Roundhouse. John promises a one-off, demonstrative performance for Kit Club.

Jam Money are the house band of London label and ongoing tape exhibition Spillage Fete. Created in question and answer form between Mat Fowler and Kevin Cormack, their songs exist like little sculptures – wayward and peaceful, sometimes whirring into automatic life under the pair’s combined attention. With a keen interplay between sound and visual art, their debut LP Blowing Stones was accompanied by, and created alongside, a series of minimalist paintings by the artist Aimée Henderson. We look forward to seeing how Jam Money assembles amid the changeable images of Kit Club.

Dramatic Records don’t so much release records as unleash entire musical universes. Their catalogue includes music from a fictional 1970s super club (The Endless House), a Carl Sagan-obsessed swimming teacher-slash-preacher (Sebastian Palomar) and an unhinged corporate drop-out (Hans Tanza). Their promise to Oto: an utterly mongrelled hour of music, splicing musical neverlands with found sounds, intercepted audience conversations and live radioplay elements.

Kit founder Richard Greenan, aka Devon Loch, hosts a fortnightly show of exotic miscellany on NTS Radio. He hopes to provide an error-strewn soundtrack to Kit Club’s interactive visual displays and art installations throughout the night.

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Poster by Adam Higton.

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