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Kit Club 5

We’re really excited to present the fifth in our club night series, a post NYE warmer of electronic tomfoolery and some mad drumming to ease us into 2014. Revolutions was one of our favourite records of 2013, and we’ve been pestering Hello Skinny to perform for some time now. Needless to say we’re very excited to witness Tom Skinner’s boundary-pushing, infectiously jittery project in the flesh.

Up first will be Soccer96, a fearsome, sweaty and shamanic acoustic drum and analogue synth duo, who are monumental live. You can listen to their excellent “Constellations” mixtape made especially for us a few months back here. This is an immense double header.

Tunes will be woven upstairs by the excellent Slowfoot Records, home to the Skinny one, and the enigmatic, discerning fellows over at Dramatic. We may even spin a few discs ourselves. Expect free ‘zines and mixtapes, cheapo beers and friendly faces – all for a fiver. Come down.

kit club 5 poster

Artwork by Sarah Tanat-Jones.

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