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Kit Club 3

As well as presenting the usual smorgasbord of weirdness, Kit Club 3 gave us the opportunity to flog our first release, Live from Concrete Island by The Nag’s Head – 12 affectionately programmed paeans to the concrete jungle encoded on vibrant Tahiti-blue cassette. Or as we like to refer to it, with accompanying joyful thrill, KitRec001.

Power Lunches has had a makeover: someone’s taped the wires up against the wall and furnished it all with a lick of fresh, clean paint. What better atmosphere could there be for four acts of musical experimentation, noisemaking and almost painterly use of pedals, hardware and software.

The acts contained everything from B£AMS‘ splodgy anti-gig, featuring a guitar, hypnotic rhythms and a tasteful backdrop of foliage, to Sebastian Palomar’s splishy-splashy musical pool-diving concept, complete with bunting. Shape Worship gave us “psychotropic, oscillating, perfectly formed earfuls of seaglass”, and Wanda Group, our headliner, spoke a language of dark, swarthy sounds which we’re still working hard to transcribe in our minds.

The beer was cheap, the staff were friendly, and the music was great. We look forward to more forays into genre-defining music for the next Kit Club.

B£AMS kit records

So what about KitRec001, then? How did that come about? We have personally assembled the whole edition, so here’s some more info about how we did it.

Making artwork for a tape release was an interesting challenge: it’s a small format, with minimal space for information and imagery. We decided to hand-print each and every one of them, but how could we get all the detail in? What sort of design would work?

After a little trial and error, we decided to use lino to create easily hand-printable imagery which was inspired by mid-century high-rise buildings. The Nag’s Head’s own artwork approached modern architecture with a dystopian bent, so we thought that focussing on pattern and keeping things simple would be a good foil for that. The text was carefully cut out of lino, and we added more text in bright blue to match the tape itself. The result is a very limited edition run of 50 tapes, and a download. You can buy one for only £5 from our shop.

And if you’re interested in the process of linocutting, the artworking half of Kit Records goes into more detail in a blog post, here.

Concrete Island tape progress

Initial sketch for the artwork

Linocut material ready to roll


Kit Magazine, free to the first 40 people at Kit Club 3

This is certainly a cottage industry

The covers, dry and ready to package

photo (17)

Our little shop all set up at Kit Club 3

photo (18)
For sale at Resident, Brighton

See you next time!

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