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Guest Mix // Vic Mars

Vic Mars creates songs that unfurl and glow like window boxes on some deep space station – gently swaying, bubbling visions of English bucolica through an off-world lens. His Kit mix is a mighty blend of obscure prog, nocturnal piano and other weirdness that had us scratching heads and tapping feet in equal measure. It also features an alternate version of ‘Villages, Hamlets And Fetes’, from his The Land And The Garden LP. Wonderful.

You can buy Vic’s latest release, the calmly nourishing Plant Life, for a mere £2 HERE.

Tony Russell – The Herbs (main title)
Garden – Yew Tree
The Human League – Dominion Advertisement
Black Moth Super Rainbow – Rollerdisco
Jimmy Campbell – By The Light Of A Lamp
John Betjeman – The Licorice Field At Pontefract
Twinsistermoon – The Spears Of The Wolfe
Slag Boom Van Loon – Poppy Seed (Reprise) (Boards Of Canada remix)
Dollboy – British Museum
Jan and Lorraine – Number 33
Vic Mars – Villages, Hamlets And Fetes (different version)
Monroeville Music Center – Vanish
Concretism – Of Frisbees And Pylons
Bochum Welt – Fortune Green
The Residents – Floyd
Syncretia – NYE013
The Twelve Hour Foundation – Record Time
Georges Rodi – Electronic Sounds
Gate Way – Lover’s Prayer
Gonzales – Overnight
Mike Oldfield – Ommadawn (slightly altered excerpt)
Keith Seatman – Broken Folk
City – Your Life
Timon – The Bitter Thoughts Of Little Jane
The Spiders – なればいい(Upside Down)
The Soulless Party – Tales From The Black Meadow (Main Theme)
Richard H Kirk – Lagoon West

vic mars plant life

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