Uther Moads Dramatic Records 2

Kit Mix #2 // Uther Moads

This 30-something minute journey into the mind of Rhodri Karim, aka Uther Moads, begins with choral calm, but is soon shattered by clusters of modulated drips, diaphragm-rippling bass and claustrophobic mutterings. The awesome opener, Home Loner’s “North Sea Salt”, is available on Depth Sound Recordings. Uther Moads’ album Spirit Physics is out soon on Dramatic Records.

Home Loner – North Sea Salt
In Aeternam Vale – Je Ne Sais Rien
1991 – High-Tech Cold-Life
Excerpt from Stephen King – The Gunslinger
Legowelt – On The Tiger Train
Grouper – Dragging The Streets
Excerpt from Andrew Bovell – When The Rain Stops Falling
R. Karim – Psychasms
Steve Reich – Music For 18 Musicians, Section vii
Excerpt from Haruki Murakami – Kafka On The Shore

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