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Interview // Slows

Kit may be based in the south-east of England, but your two contributors have a combined experience of life in Scotland, Wales, the US and – briefly – a Mexican prison. We realise just how inward-gazing the South can be. No wonder the people of Scotland are on the verge of voting for independence – we’re happy to drink their bewitching devil-juice, Buckfast, but when it comes to paying real attention to Scottish music scenes and cultural goings-on, we Sassenachs can be lukewarm. All too often the two nations bubble away, heartily yet discretely. With this in mind, and a newly reopened Glasgow Art School to explore, it felt like a great time to take a trip north of the border and see what we could find.

The words “music” and “Glasgow” are more or less synonymous, so it was interesting to quite literally bump into local DJ, producer and GSA student Tim Dalzell, aka Slows, who was spinning some tunes at the Art School bar. It was good to get an inside perspective on the new Art School environment, and Tim has been kind enough to put together a hypnotic after-party house mixtape for us. We also chatted about his work as Slows, about Glasgow, and life in general…

Kit Records: Tell us a little about the Slows project.

Tim Dalzell: At the moment I DJ at some events in Glasgow, mainly those related to the Art School where I study. I’ve worked with sound for various art related projects but haven’t actually dedicated much time to producing music-related things, I’m hoping once my degree’s out the way I can put a bit of a stronger focus on that.

Typically i’m into straight-up house stuff, particularly releases on Wolf Music, Local Talk and Let’s Play House to a name a few. Generally open to quite a wide array of sounds but in my live sets I usually focus on house, various electronic based things and some classic ’90s hip-hop. In terms of recorded mixes I tend to try and create quite a mellow vibe, still with a focus on electronic music but removed from the club sound, perhaps more towards sunday-afternoon listening.

KR: Glasgow Art School is world famous for its inclusive and laid back approach to creativity, and it’s been the place where so much music has been made and scenes formed. Have you played at the newly reopened Art School? What do you reckon, and how has the Art School made an impact on your creativity or life in Glasgow?

TD: Unfortunately I arrived in Glasgow just as the old venue was shutting down. I guess it’s been quite a weird time for the Art School’s music scene since it had to move to a temporary venue and most of the club nights moved to venues elsewhere. I never stop hearing about how amazing the old venue was and there’s been a lot of hype across the city about the reopening (which was due to be December but I think it may have been pushed back to January!). I’m sure it’s going to have a massive impact on the live scene in Glasgow once it get’s going, and hopefully I’ll be able to get involved in some of the things going on there.

Glasgow itself seems to be a really active city for music, particularly the house scene in the last few years. I feel like my music taste has developed and change dramatically while I’ve been here and although I initially came to study art, I find myself increasingly drawn towards the music-related things I’m involved in.

slows (1)

Below is a video for the Slows original, “Solaris”, which samples and manipulates sounds from Tarkovsky’s 1972 film of the same name. All sounds other than the kick drum originate from the film. Awesome!

Name in Lights – Naughty (Axel Boman Remix) [Free Association]
Map.Ache – Presents DJ Mapi [Kann Records]
Fort Romeau – And Now [Ghostly]
Medlar – Tides [Wolf Music]
Moomin – You Neva Know [Closer]
Soundstream – Live Goes On [Soundstream]
Nico Stojan – Organ Whai [Dantze]
Cuthead – The Sinner [Uncanny Valley]
Black Dynamite – Mother’s Love [Fear of Flying]
M.ono – Holding Back California [Rose Records]
Kan Sano – Music Overflow (Luvless Remix) [Razor-N-Tape]
Anthony Naples – Tusk [Mister Saturday Night]
Dez-Andres – Seasons So Long [M1 Sessions]

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