Power Moves Kit Records mix

Guest Mix // Power Moves

Our latest guest mix is a sublime 80 minutes from Toronto label Power Moves, spanning from old weird America to god knows where, all lovingly cut from tape and vinyl. This is really quite something, sitting comfortably alongside the work of Mississippi Records and Ghost Capital in terms of scale, inclusivity and warmth. Label head honcho Kevin has kindly offered some words below, along with that gold dust tracklist. And be sure to explore the weird wonder of Power Moves HERE (all downloads are free – they’re nice like that).

“When I was asked to do a mix for Kit Records, I didn’t expect it. I reached out to say hello and to give a quick props and within minutes I was asked to contribute. That’s what we’re dealing with here. Expert folks. Expert community. Sharing. So here’s my attempt to re-return the pound.

While staring at my collection for this, I couldn’t help but think about trying to place limitations on the process, this way I could weave a narrative underneath the paint-shotgunning. Applied ellipsis. Try to give the universes-within a space, a habitat, a whole room. And hopefully the listener could take a look around and get up close or wander freely outside in the garden.

So, self-editing. Real editing.

First, only vinyl and tapes. I recently re-jigged the stereo so this seemed like a beauty time to maximize the test-phase. Second, no Mississippi Records or pieces found on their compilations. Why try what they do so masterfully and illuminatingly already? Best to leave them as the gold standard. Third, take off the serious-DJ hat, though easier said than done.

I left out some of my favourite things as they didn’t seem to wedge brick-to-brick with the remaining vibe. I’ll try not to worry about it.

These nestle up nice in my mind, and I’ve always loved the anything-goes. Free hand tune selection.

It doesn’t matter where the music comes from or where it’s going, you know when you feel it. And you know when it’s real. The instruments and timings and life-influences may differ, but the infinite library has shelves for it all.

Another caveat, this is a rough master. The perpetual fire warmth.

Hope you dig it…”

Power Moves Kit Records mix

Dezurik Sisters – Birmingham Jail
Sun City Girls – Mineral Wells
Alma Lillie Hubbard – The Old Ark Is A’Movin’
Ignatz – Gazing At The Fire
Unknown Bali performers – Genggong Duet (Sekar Sungsang)
Jobelou (Haiti) – Djuba
Jack Kerouac – The Northport Tapes (excerpt)
The Last Poets – Time
The John Lurie National Orchestra – The Beast
Robert Turman – Flux excerpt
Moondog – Tree Trail
Nippon Gagaku Kai – Etenraku In Banshikicho
“Ars Nova” Ensemble performing Iannis Xenakis – Choephores (Part II)
Marion Brown – Sound Structure
Charlie Parker – Bird of Paradise
Fairport Convention – Autopsy
Cody Yantis – Brightness I
Sonny Sharrock – Princess Sonata: Like Voices of Sleeping Birds
Roofer’s Nest – Nithane
Nath Family – Sounds of the Indian Snake Charmer Volume Two (excerpt)
Ensemble Musica Negativa performing John Cage – Atlas Eclipticalis (excerpt)
Pentangle – Lyke-Wake Dirge
Memphis Minnie & Kansas Joe McCoy – Crazy Crying Blues
Talugung – Calcified Days (excerpt)
Fred McDowell & Grace Bowden – It’s A Blessing
John Lee Hooker – Misbelieving Baby
Thuja – Pehr Space (Part I)
Shinichi Yuize – Fuki (Riches and Honors)

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