Phil Maguire kit mix

Guest Mix // Phil Maguire

Here’s a wonderful mix of drone, noise and ambient from London-based sound artist Phil Maguire. We met Phil when, armed with little more than a Raspberry Pi and webcam, he performed a primitive electronic and visual feedback set at Flat38 Gallery in Margate. We’ve since enjoyed delving into Phil’s creaking schedule of work, which includes solo experiments and group performances – not to mention his gorgeous collection of analogue photography.

Phil’s next solo set is on Feb 24 at Electric Spring Festival, in Huddersfield, with a new tape out the day after via Verz Imprint. If you would like to hear Phil’s actual voice, he is being interviewed by ATTN:Magazine for ResonanceEXTRA on Feb 28, at 8pm. More words from Phil on his mix below!

Experimental music, mostly by my friends, but some by people I’ve never met. A mix of noise, lofi electronics, repurposed instruments, fictional choirs, and improvisation. It’s split into thee vague sections: Core of the Coalman’s Serra-inspired harsh noise, Jason Kahn & Tim Olive’s DIY electronics, Ted Byrnes & William Hutson’s grinding tape/percussion improv, and Okkyung Lee’s punk cello improv tumble over haunting trans-continental drone & textural works.

The remaining pieces are a blend of introspective field recordings (Embla Quickbeam), revived baroque-era instruments (Alma Laprida), dread-inducing guitar ensemble (Paul McGuire) meditative no-input mixing board (Toshimaru Nakamura), and bewildering drone/choral proclamations (Turf Boon, performed by Jennifer Walshe & Grúpat). Anne La Berge’s miniature work ‘TOO’, rounds off the mix with a rhyming couplet, musing on listening in the modern world.

Too many are
Too busy today to sing
of highs and lows even so
it is not Too late to listen
in repose
(Anne La Berge: ‘TOO’, 2013)

Phil Maguire kit mix

Embla Quickbeam – Sand
Greg Stuart & Ryoko Akama –
Alma Laprida – 3
Core of the Coalman – Hand Catching Lead 3
Paul McGuire – Marshes
Toshimaru Nakamura – nimb #7
Ted Byrnes & William Hutson – 01/B
Okkyung Lee – Two to Your Right, Five to Your Left
Turf Boon – Community Choir 1029: lámh
Jason Kahn & Tim Olive – Kobe
Anne La Berge – TOO

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