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Guest Mix // Norwell

I guess I should be expecting this by now really, but the last batch of Reckno tapes really blew my head off. Perhaps the most brain-shaking moments came from Hungarian producer Norwell, whose album Morfozis suggests something wild and untameable, held in place for just enough time by the composer to analyse its rugged irregularities and contours, before wrenching itself free and cantering off. Obviously I was very excited to receive a vinyl mix from Norwell HQ in Budapest. More words from the man himself below.

At the time of writing there are four copies of Morfozis left at Reckno, grab one NOW!

“This podcast contains music from vinyl only. I don’t have a huge vinyl collection (around 40-50 pieces) and I wouldn’t say I’m obsessed, however I really like the format itself. Most of these records were purchased by me in the last few years but I found some of them in my father’s collection. The podcast were recorded on a sunny Sunday morning in the end of February 2016 at my home in Budapest.

Musiccargo – Domino
I’m a Musiccargo fan since I heard ‘Ich Geh Den Weg Mit Dir’ for the first time. ‘Domino’ is perfect for mornings, and since I recorded the podcast on a Sunday morning it was an obvious choice as the first track.

Jazz Q – Ze Tmy Do Světla (From Dark To Light)
I don’t know much about this track, but I found it when I was digging my father’s vinyls. However I think its mood fits perfectly with the podcast.

Pink Floyd – Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun
I got this vinyl for my last birthday from my brother (best birthday present = vinyl!). I have a couple of Pink Floyd albums now (my father was a huge fan) but this one if my favorite.

Terry Riley – Poppy Nogood and the Phantom Band
If I remember well this was the first record I bought 3-4 years ago. I didn’t even had a turntable but I had an inner feeling that I have to buy this album. I was always amazed by Terry Riley’s minimalistic music.

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Tangerine Dream – Stratosfear
My favorite Tangerine Dream albums were recorded in the ’70s. I chose Stratosfear but I really like Ricochet and Phaedra as well.

Cluster – Umleitung
The Magic of Frost. No other words needed.

Throbbing Gristle – Walkabout
It’s one of the more melodic Throbbing Gristle songs, although I like the industrial ones from the album as well.

Phantom Horse – Amsel Variaton
This was one of the best buys I made recently. The album is already a classic for me – I can’t say any tracks which I don’t like. I chose ‘Amstel Variation’ because it has a very special sound and despite being 10 minutes long you won’t get bored with it. Not for a second.

Beak – Ladies’ Mile
Beak is a perfect reinterpretation of many sounds like postrock, krautrock mixed with analog electronic music.

Bronze – Cools Down
Not Not Fun is one of my favorite labels. I think Bronze is similar to Beak in some ways: they mix sounds from the ’70s while still leaving their own mark on it.

Moral – And Life Is
Moral is a Danish synthwave/pop band from the ’80s. The last 3 tracks are from their album And Life Is. ‘Dance of the Dolls’ is a perfect lullaby which can cheer you up and make you sad at the same time. I love this kind of music.”

Norwell kit mix

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